About Realdania Debate

Realdania Debate provides cutting edge knowledge about the built environment and an opportunity to network with other real estate professionals from both public and private sectors. Pictured above the economist and city adviser Charles Landry addresses the Urban Development Forum.

2050 - Something's Green in the State of Denmark

Realdania and independent think tank Monday Morning have published a detailed scenario for the green economy in Denmark in 2050.


Sustainia is an alliance of international organizations and companies working to create sustainable growth.

Realdania is one of the founding partners.

Realdania Debate consists of six networking groups dedicated to property owners and real estate professionals. The six groups are individual forums for knowledge, exchange and debate on issues pertaining to the built environment.

The subjects we cover include urban planning and liveability, housing and commercial property development, sustainability, and climate change. We also look at architectural quality and heritage, demographic changes, and how to manage the shifting boundary between city and countryside.

Realdania Debate has a strong focus on innovation and business development in relation to the built environment. Our primary goal is to inspire and motivate the members to get involved in making change and contributing to sustainable development across sectors and throughout the country.

Green Growth
Since 2005 sustainability has been a returning topic for our meetings. In 2013 and 2014 we will continue this trend and focus on green or sustainable growth in the built environment.

Green growth is all about energy efficiency in new and existing buildings. But green growth is also a key to future proofing urban development. It aims to optimize the building process and develop new forms of interdisciplinary partnership between public and private sectors. The long term goal is economic growth without sacrificing the environment in the process.

Realdania Debate has – in collaboration with the independent think tank Monday Morning – put green growth on the agenda in all six groups. In the spring of 2012 we brought the six forums together for one agenda setting meeting with top level Danish and international speakers.

The meeting also marked the publication of a report summarizing the possibilities for green growth and business development related to the built environment. Please find a PDF for download in the box on the left under the headline "2050 - Something's Green in the State of Denmark".
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Velkommen i debatten! Vi opfordrer alle deltagere til at holde en god tone og gå efter emnet – ikke personer. Realdania Debat forbeholder sig ret til at slette indlæg, der er upassende eller useriøse.
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About Realdania Debate

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